Sunday, September 19, 2004

Your exhibit is perfectly amazing! As a needlewoman I am impressed- as a person with no artistic ability, I am delighted. Thank you for sharing it with us.
C. B.

So good to have this for the people of Bullitt Co. to see and appreciate, thanks!
R. L.

So glad to see all your wonderful work. I really enjoyed each piece.
T. B.

It is so nice to have someone with your talent who lives in our county.
M. F.

Some great & unusual ideas I wouldn't had thought of. Very nice & painstaking work.
A. R.

Wonderful works. Appreciate your talent.
M. C.

Good, unique hangings. Thanks.
L. L.

I have enjoyed your art very much.
T. F.

I love your art.
M. L. C.

Outstanding, courageous, unique, beautiful. Thank you.
D. P.
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