Saturday, September 18, 2004

What an exciting opportunity for the people of Bullitt County to enjoy the works of such an outstanding artist! We're proud of you!
S. R. M.

I really enjoyed it.
M. K.

I think that it is very kind for you to give Bullitt Countians a chance to see your art.
L. K.

The show was our all of us are very proud. The artist is the greatest and we do appreciate both the artist and the show.
I. C.

Very beautiful work, very informative and entertaining. We enjoyed it.
B. & E. B. (Henry County)

This has certainly been a highlight for me since our return to Bullitt County. Bill Quick and I taught together and I was particularly interested in the items she contributed to such artistic endeavors.
J. S.

I'm proud to have been part of the "friends" this last year. Everything was beautiful here tonight. A. L. did a good job.
D. H.

I am so proud to be in the same county as you and Ted. You have always been a plus that never had the recognition here at home you should. This has been long overdue. Affectionately.
E.S. & S.G.
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