Sunday, September 11, 2011

applique quilt Kentucky 2010

art is with art
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Monday, March 07, 2011


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Alma Lee Wallace 1941

The decade of WWII; early years in Louisville, KY
(one Derby on-the-town story as the designated driver
for Mr. H) ...24 year-old teacher
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Uncle Bob" #2 1965

Fabric Collage Portrait
stitchery and applique with old spectacles,
book, Newspaper 1904, piece of old quilt on linen.
21" x 34"
blue, beige, gold
owned by Mrs Otto L, Spaeth, New York City
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collection of Garvin Brown
plaiting, stitchery, applique
one form inside another
8" x 25" x 5"
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"David" Alma Lesch

Applique and stitchery, 1965

Fabric Collage Portrait
22" x 50"
Red, purple, blue, rust
sold to Millard Lesch, Seattle, Washington
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

RE: Buttons

The Kentucky Foundation
for Women established 1996

awarded Alma Lesch the
Sallie Bingham Award

Pat: Could you pass this
poem on to Alma, like my
thanks for the necklace?
I don't have her address.
Thanks! Sallie
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"Lily" 1989 Alma Lesch
purchased by Anne Ogden
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"Miss Jennie"

circa 1970 "Miss Jennie" 24" x 24"
This piece was purchased for a wedding gift to
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Sloane, Mayor of Louisville

RE: 19th April 1985 Bremer Ehrler County Judge / Executive
of Jefferson County, KY presented Certificate of Appreciation
to Alma Lesch for recognition of interest in and support of
Jefferson County and its citizens
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Colonel's Lady

fabric portrait
Alma Lesch
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Kentucky Textile Portraiture

"The Colonel's Lady"
Alma Lesch 1917-1999
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Alma Lesch

Retrospective at
Kentucky Art and Craft
Foundation (KMAC)

collage sculpture forms with postage stamps
on wall "Featuring Kate Smith" and Block Printed embroidery work
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detail, "What's for Dinner"


The artist intentionally omitting the question mark from this title making
this dinner party a statement years ahead of "Housewives" on cable.
This tongue in cheek 'situation' has ladies placing all their 'cards' on the table.

An earlier, table-related vertical piece, with longer black gloves stretching
across a card tabe had been previously destroyed by Alma Lesch. (see photo)
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fabric collage "What's for Dinner"


Alma Lesch
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top left corner detail
1996 "What's for Dinner" Alma Lesch fabric collage
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The artist allowed my input as early placement of gloves and
textile objects were arranged on this large golden composition.
The work in progress covered the postage stamp quilt which
tightly dressed the historic four poster bed of Alma and Ted. The bed was
from the auction of the Alben Barkley Estate, Alma had written in pencil
the origin of the dark cherry Federal four-poster which touched the ceiling.

"What's for Dinner" 1996 fabric collage
private collection
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rare example of "Flower Garden" glass mosaic
designed and constructed by Alma Lesch from early 1960s
approximately 24" x 36" on wood backing

compare subject matter to later textile commissions using
floral patterning and surface embroidery
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Fabric Portrait 1978

A classic Bullitt County, KY fabric portrait
includes Woman's Club insert, collage
"Minutes of the last Meeting" 1978
purchased by Mrs. John Potter
from Retrospective
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detail, Fabric Portrait 1988

"Alice" 1988 Fabric Portrait
purchased by Mary Ann Currier
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Fabric Portrait

"Featuring Kate Smith" 1975
purchased by Marilyn Borner
1997 Retrospective
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Friday, February 18, 2011