Friday, February 18, 2011


detail "Circus" 1960
by Alma Lesch
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1960 Early Work

dating to 1960 "Circus" is constructed as a triptych
needlework on burlap
back panel block printed fabric from commission
curtains for Bernheim Forest, Clermont, KY
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1996 "Sampler"
combines forty years of visual themes and
construction experimentation
purchased from 1997 Retrospctive
by Elouise Logsdon
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detail of 1967 "November"

purchased by William Schyler
from 1997 Retrospective KACF (KMAC)
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"Southern Gothic"

detail of fabric collage
portrait on permanent
exhibit at University of
Louisville, KY
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"Big Daddy"

1996 fabric portrait, related to early "Southern Gothic" style
purchased from 1997 Retrospective by Henry Heuser, Jr
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"Purina" detail

1974 detail of "Purina"
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Friday, February 11, 2011


detail of stitchery
photo marked 'destroyed' by artist, Alma Lesch
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detail from 1966 Stitchery sold in Richmond, VA
Alma Lesch
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detail of stitchery destroyed by artist, Alma Lesch
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destroyed stitchery

destroyed by artist. Alma Lesch
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Applique 1968

"Indian Child" 1968
18" x 36" applique
sold in Louisville in 1997 by
Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation
(KMAC) to Mrs. Siegfried Weng (Carolyn)
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The Fabric Portrait

"Yes, Virginia" 1964
24" x 40" listed $350.oo

This early '64 example of Alma Lesch's signature
fabric portraits which she would continue
to construct through 1997.
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Alma Wallace Lesch 1917-1999

"Uncle Bob"
hand dyed materials

Untitled 1967

sold to Barbara Hymson, N.Y.
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1963 Alma Lesch fiber work
owned by Mr. & Mrs. Phil Ward
Gainesville, FL
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"Upon this Rock"

1969 "Upon this Rock"
owned by Mrs. Garvin Brown
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Untitled 1963
Stitchery on weaving
Hand dyed yarns
Size: 13" x 46"

sold in Atlanta
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Biblical Themes

"He is Risen" 1968
gift to Franklin Page, Louisville, KY
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Early Stitchery Work

Monostitch- (cretan)
Vegetable dyed yarns on cotton
size: 38" x 38"

sold in St Louis, MO undated photo
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