Sunday, September 19, 2004

Your exhibit is perfectly amazing! As a needlewoman I am impressed- as a person with no artistic ability, I am delighted. Thank you for sharing it with us.
C. B.

So good to have this for the people of Bullitt Co. to see and appreciate, thanks!
R. L.

So glad to see all your wonderful work. I really enjoyed each piece.
T. B.

It is so nice to have someone with your talent who lives in our county.
M. F.

Some great & unusual ideas I wouldn't had thought of. Very nice & painstaking work.
A. R.

Wonderful works. Appreciate your talent.
M. C.

Good, unique hangings. Thanks.
L. L.

I have enjoyed your art very much.
T. F.

I love your art.
M. L. C.

Outstanding, courageous, unique, beautiful. Thank you.
D. P.
Many thanks for sharing this evening with us. I thoroughly enjoyed your show. I admire your work.
M. L. S.

You, your art, your talk have been among the most exciting and refreshing things I've encountered in Bullitt County. I'll always treasure memories of this exhibition. Thank you.

This art exhibit is absolutely one of the most fascinating displays of an individual's personality and expression of oneself.
I am glad you are you.
C. P. S.

The stories that represented the cloth stitchery was wonderful. A help in understanding fine art.
W. S.

It is good to be able to reflect on this past and see it in reality.
G. R.

This art exhibition is great. Thanks for sharing with us.
N. M. S.

I really enjoyed seeing this exhibit. It was a new experience for me. This type of art. It was beautiful. Thank you.
D. C.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

I just loved all your exhibits. They were all wonderfully creative, I wish I was as talented. Good luck in your future projects.
M. M.

Fantastic, always refreshing... an inspiration for the soul and spirit. Thanks.
D.J. S.

Beautiful work, wonderful to be blessed with such talent.
A. J. H.

Very nice exibit. I really enjoyed the stories associated with the way they were put together.
C. W.
What an exciting opportunity for the people of Bullitt County to enjoy the works of such an outstanding artist! We're proud of you!
S. R. M.

I really enjoyed it.
M. K.

I think that it is very kind for you to give Bullitt Countians a chance to see your art.
L. K.

The show was our all of us are very proud. The artist is the greatest and we do appreciate both the artist and the show.
I. C.

Very beautiful work, very informative and entertaining. We enjoyed it.
B. & E. B. (Henry County)

This has certainly been a highlight for me since our return to Bullitt County. Bill Quick and I taught together and I was particularly interested in the items she contributed to such artistic endeavors.
J. S.

I'm proud to have been part of the "friends" this last year. Everything was beautiful here tonight. A. L. did a good job.
D. H.

I am so proud to be in the same county as you and Ted. You have always been a plus that never had the recognition here at home you should. This has been long overdue. Affectionately.
E.S. & S.G.
What a joy to see & hear about your talent.
M. E. F.

I've enjoyed the explanation of your artistic stitchery examples. Thank you for talking to us.
K. H.

Your exhibit was lovely I really enjoyed it.
S. D. T.

I enjoyed you art and talk very much. Thank you very much.
J. E. S.

They are lovely pieces, but my question is "How did you think of those things to do?" The answer is "your genius".
S. F. M

This stuff became immensely enjoyable when Ms lesch explained it so graphically.
H&G. S.

A rare privilege to have heard such an outstanding person and friend of many years - Thank you and Bullitt Co is fortunate to have you Alma-
W. M. H.

Dearest Alma,
Plesant memories of 'Uncle' Bob Armstrong were aroused by his portrait. Your talent is much in evidence. You are one of the better people, humans, I have known and it is a privledge to do you honor. Your art too.
T. G.
Beautiful! and Individually Yours. Thank you for sharing it with us.
R. H.

I love your idea of clothing pictures, very interesting. My favorite was the ****** dress.
S. A.
Your art gives one a good sense of history. It shows fragments of people's lives and you get a sense that these people really lived. It is not a "cold" form of art that you appraise and then forget. I am grateful to have come to know it.
Sept 20 - Oct 16- 1982
Alma Wallace Lesch Exhibition
Shepherdsville, KY
Ridgway Memorial Library

Dear Alma,
This has been a pleasure and a honor for the Ridgway Memorial Library to show your exhibit that our fellow Bullitt Countians might come to appreciate you as an artist and also to learn more about your speacial kind of art expression.
Please accept this small book as our Thank You for sharing your talent with us for this month.

Dorothea Stottman, Librarian