Sunday, September 19, 2004

Many thanks for sharing this evening with us. I thoroughly enjoyed your show. I admire your work.
M. L. S.

You, your art, your talk have been among the most exciting and refreshing things I've encountered in Bullitt County. I'll always treasure memories of this exhibition. Thank you.

This art exhibit is absolutely one of the most fascinating displays of an individual's personality and expression of oneself.
I am glad you are you.
C. P. S.

The stories that represented the cloth stitchery was wonderful. A help in understanding fine art.
W. S.

It is good to be able to reflect on this past and see it in reality.
G. R.

This art exhibition is great. Thanks for sharing with us.
N. M. S.

I really enjoyed seeing this exhibit. It was a new experience for me. This type of art. It was beautiful. Thank you.
D. C.

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