Thursday, February 05, 2009

"This is my first fabric collage portrait." Alma Lesch
"Mrs. Burns" 1964 26" x 36"

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

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scroll down for more info:
Installation of Meidinger Tower tapestry Aug 4, 1983
Fourth and Muhammed Ali Blvd. Louisville
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"Jezebel" 1968
see more info below
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"Jezebel" 1968 28" x 76"
Fabric collage, Stitchery and applique with knit blouse, lace petticoat, umbrella cover, and buttons on linen
colors: reds, golds, blues, rust, orange, yellow and purple
private collection: Atlanta GA
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The Signature Shop & Gallery: Home Page

The Signature Shop & Gallery: Home Page

Untitled Embroidery 20" x 38"
colors: blues, greens, browns, yellows
March 1964
sold in one-person show, Atlanta, GA by Signature Shop
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"The Colonel's Lady" 1975
45" x 60"
Fabric collage full length portrait
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entitled "Josie", this in-the-round mixed-media sculpture
approximately 16" tall, incorporated shoes, fabric, lace clothing, wig and straw hat
secured to weighted form constructed by Alma Lesch
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detail of 1973 "Southern Gothic" Fabric collage portrait
Shown in First World Craft Exhibition, Toronto, Canada 1974
the original, complete 27.5" x 39" work in on permanent display at The University of Louisville
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"Peter, Paul and Mary" 1969
12" x 18" Coptic weaving on a frame
Gift to Carol Sutton
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"Like Father, Like Son" 1967, 33" x 32"
Fabric collage portrait
Colors: Blue and natural whites, overalls, shirt, overall jacket, eye glasses and case, bandana handkerchief, stitchery on heavy cotton background

owned by Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC
purchased by S.C. Johnson Company, Racine, Wisconsin
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detail of Fabric collage portrait "Christine"
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Shelly Zegart Quilts Etc.

Shelly Zegart Quilts Etc.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Christina" 1979
Fabric collage portrait 26" x 42"

Mary Norton Shands collection
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"Kate" private collection Lexington, KY
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sold to student from Michigan
Gatlinburg, TN
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"Writing on the Wall" 1969
Stitchery 28" x 70"
sold to Dr. Harold Berg
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"The Annual" 1965 28" x 36"
Stitchery, hooking, and knotting on burlap with linen, silk, cotton and wool yarns, wood beads
colors: naturals and white

Honorable Mention, Piedmont Craft Exhibition, Charlotte, NC 1966
Shown in "Stitch in Time" Invitational Stitchery Exhibition, J.B. Speed Art Museum

owned by J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville
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"Lot's Wife" 1963
Cotton, wool, net, and buttons on burlap
Embroidery and applique
color: whites
sold to Mrs. B.J.Cowling (Sally) Adams, Atlanta , GA
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"Family Portrait" 1979
Stitchery 15" x 21"
This piece was purchased by the Kentucky Arts Commission as a gift to Wendell Berry in 1987 when he received the Governor's Art Commission Award
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"Lot's Wife" 1972
18" x 30" Background is old salt bag
all natural fibers
colors: natural whites, tans and grays
sold by Gimpel-Weisenhoffer, Ltd. NY to Pat Newman, NYC

An affair to raise funds for charity with guests Marian Anderson and Eli Wallach
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"Yes, Virginia..." 1965 size: 24" x 38"
Fabric collage with velvet dress, kerchief, lace collar, fan, book, and stitchery on linen.
Colors: Brown, beige, white, browns

Honorable Mention in Piedmont Craft Exhibition, Charlotte, NC 1966
Shown in invitational stitchery exhibition "The Stitch in Time", J.B. Speed Art Museum, 1966
Also shown in Louisville Salute to the Arts, 1966; Faculty Show of Louisville Art Center, 1965
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"Nancy" 1989
owned by Ann Buckman, Louisville
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sold to Ron & Elaine Weisberg
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"Mara" 1988
sold to Barbara Burch
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"Marguerita" 1985, 34" x 34"
Fiber portrait
sold by Contemporary Crafts Gallery, Louisville
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"Mother and Child" sold to Terri Bass
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