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Published Alma Lesch info index

Newspaper Articles

"Color in the bank," Louisville, KY., Courier-Journal, July 2, 1967

Dietrich, Jean.  "Wild and woolly,"  Louisville, KY., Courier-Journal, March 28, 1965

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Heilenman, Diane. "Textile artist Alma Lesch remembered as pioneer," Louisville, KY., May 23, 1999.

Lansdell, Sarah. "Alma Lesch returns to 'Salt of the Earth' theme in collages," Louisville, KY., April 13, 1980.

Lansdell, Sarah. "Bible stories told in color by Alma Lesch at Speed," Louisville, KY., Courier-Journal, March 2, 1969

Lansdell, Sarah.  New life style for Alma Lesch portraits," Louisville, KY., Courier-Journal, May 26, 1973.

"She seeketh wool and flax, and worketh willingly with her hands," Louisville, KY., Courier-Journal, March 16, 1969.

Swem, Gregg. "Pioneering fiber artist Alma Lesch looks back on 25 years of stitchery," Louisville, KY., Courier-Journal, March 31, 1985.

Tower, Ann.  "Pieces fit exhibit in 'Clothing As Art," Lexington, KY., Herald-Leader, January 27, 1985.

Warren, Brandy.  "Textile pioneer Alma Lesch remembered," Shepherdsville, KY., Courier-Journal/neighborhoods July 26, 2006.

exhibitions Journal Articles:

"Alma Wallace Lesch," American Craft, August/September 1999, p.28.

Efland, A.  "Design corner, Cleveland Heights, Ohio," Craft Horizons, v. 31, August 1971, p.44.

Foster, G.  "Exhibition in Atlanta," Craft Horizons v. 24, September 1964, p. 53.

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"Society of arts and crafts, Boston," Craft Horizons, v. 36, June 1976, p. 63.

Walcott, Ellison.  "Alma Lesch Retrospective," Surface Design Journal, v. 22. Fall 1997, p. 34-5.

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Renau, Lynn S.  A Portrait of Alma, Arts & Crafts Across Kentucky, Fall 1999, p. 18-20.

Exhibition Catalogs

Gordon, Lida.  "Alma Lesch: A Life in Fabrics", University of Louisville Belknap Gallery,
 February 23- March 26, 2006

Alma Lesch, A Retrospective. Louisville, KY Liberty Gallery, April 1- May 30, 1985.

Alma Wallace Lesch Retrospective. Louisville, KY. Kentucky Art and Craft Gallery, January 11- March 1, 1997.

Fibers southeast 1979. Cullowhee, N.C.. Western Carolina University Department of Art, 1979.

Alma Lesch, Fabric Collage Portraits and Other Works. Danville, KY., Newlin Hall, January 11- March 3, 1981.

published by ALma Lesch

The American textile industry and some of its products, Louisville, KY., University of Louisville, 1962.

A resource unit on vegetable dyeing for a high school art class, 1961

Vegetable dyeing: 151 color recipes for dyeing yarns and fabrics with natural materials, New York, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1970

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