Monday, July 16, 2007

in a related hometown item ...a model of the Shepherdsville train wreck of 1917 first constructed by county resident, Hogg Mattingly, (see photos below in related KMAC Exhibit) is now restored and on display in a protective display case in the old Bullitt County Court House (not to be confused with the new judicial center standing behind the original edifice...

Overlooking the actual site of the horrific crash site from the second floor view, visitors may look across and above the roof of the old stone jail (open daily for tourists) which still stands behind the original county court house. The Historical Museum also has several other building models designed from scratch by the prolific Mr. Mattingly, now deceased, and longtime Lebanon Junction resident. Local history buff Tom Pack had collected many building models over the years and subsequently donated the colorful constructions to the county museum from his estate upon his passing.
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