Thursday, June 18, 2015

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the buttons which embellish my basketBOWL sculptures pay homage to Alma Lesch

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coptic Weavings on Old Testament themes

Textile artist Alma Lesch in her basement studio early 1960s Shepherdsville KY
Weavings and fabric collages became part of her J B Speed exhibition in 1969 entitled "The Cloth"

Family Portrait

Fabric Collage Portrait applique and stitchery on linen, theatrical gauze
17 by 60 inches   reds and yellows vegetable dyes
1965 sold by America House, New York City


1967 Fabric Collage Portrait, applique and stitchery
22 x 50 inches   red, purple, blue, rust
collection of Millard Lesch, Kirkland, Washington

"Mrs. Burns" #3

Fabric Collage Portrait   third version of Mrs. Burns theme
cotton blouse, buttons   1964
stitchery and pieces of cloth on one linsey-woolsey
26 x 36 inches  white and black
sold to Robert Burnside  New York City

"Nell" 1965

Fabric Collage Portrait    "Nell"
lace gown, fan, embroidered portemonnaie, buttons on cotton
23 x 58 inches
gold beige, blue 
owned by Mrs. Daniel Peterson estate
sold at her estate auction to Lee Ann Ellingsworth  Louisville (verify on 6/16/2015)

"Jezabel, That Woman"

Fabric Collage Portrait  1965
applique and stitchery with buttons on linen-applique
pieces are umbrella, knit blouse, and lace skirt
22 x 66 inches   red, orange, rust and gold 
gift to Sarah Lansdell, Georgia

"Mrs. Burns" #1

This is the first fabric collage portrait that I made ALMA LESCH note
1964    Fabric Collage Portrait
cotton blouse, shoe buttons, pearl buttons, hat pins, fan, and hand punched
cutwork lace on old linsey-woolsey
24 x 38 inches    white and black

Craft Horizons March-April 1965 cover photo

"Uncle Bob"    work jacket, piece of old quilt, straight razor case
gold rim spectacles, wood picture frame, and old billfold on linen
21 x 34 inches    blue, beige, and red
owned by Joseph Heil, New York City


hooked rug stairway (destroyed) Alma Lesch in home stairway
Shepherdsville, KY 1965

March 1965

Alma Lesch with natural dyed yarn 1960 embroidered stitchery above fireplace mantel first shown in Kentucky State Fair. Between 1960-1964 Alma Lesch won 30 ribbons exhibiting at Kentucky State Fair, Louisville.


Alma Lesch in her basement studio, umbrella armature becomes "Jezabel, That Woman" fabric portrait (photo above scroll to find). Ceramic kiln on left.

Craftsman in Studio

note on photo by Alma Lesch  sold to Pricilla Bullitt

April 1965

The Cloth

1969  preparation for exhibition
J.B. Speed Art Museum, Louisville KY


Basement Studio Shepherdsville, KY

Artist at Work

The Tobacco Setter, detail

Feed Sack Stitchery and collage applique series


early 1960s