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"Family Portrait" 1966
Vegetable dyed stitchery

sold in New York by
America House Gallery
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Jacob's Ladder

Stitchery and applique on
Theatrical gauze

20" x 40" commissioned by &
owned by Franklin Page
Louisville, KY
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"Lot's Wife" #2

1965 Fabric College Portrait
"Lot's Wife" #2
Buttons and stitchery on old
linsey-woolsey and crenolin.

Size: 24" x 38"
sold by Museum of Contemporary Crafts
owned by Mrs. David Flinn, Ithica, N.Y.
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"The Nature of Materials"

significant fiber construction undated
from the "Bean" series and biblical series.

"The Nature of Materials"
Stitchery, double thickness background of linen
and burlap. Thread is drawn from linen at top
Colors: Naturals and white
Size: 22" x 47"
Yarns are wool, linen, silk, cotton.
Window shade pulls are covered with thread
discolored by rust

sold to Dorothy Culley (Colley, Calley sic)
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String Beans
marked owned by
J.B. Speed Art Museum
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Bean Themed textile work

owned by Cynthia Bringle
Penland, N.C.

Alma Lesch taught at Penland
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1967 Alma Lesch

Variations on the Theme of Beans - Part II

sold by J. B. Speed Art Museum Gallery to
Charlotte Price, Louisville, KY
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University of Georgia collection

1967 detail photo from "Black Beans" by artist Alma Lesch
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"Black Beans"

1967 12.5" x 39"

owned by Wiley Sanderson
University of Georgia
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(string Beans)

1967 photo
Variation on the theme of Beans- Part 1 (string Beans)
Stitchery on burlap
36" x 27"

sold in Cincinnati $100
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1964 Alma Lesch

"The Window"
Stitchery on felt
18" x 36' Gift to:
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Hamilton
Shepherdsville, KY
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second "Mrs. Burns" 1964

compare to other Fabric Portrait same title

20" x 36" 1964
owned by Bob Burnside, N.Y.
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destroyed by artist

"The Card Players" 22" x 60"

destroyed by Alma Lesch
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Fabric Collage Portrait

"Nell" 58" x 23"
applique and stitchery
French lace gown, circa 1900
with fan, embroidered porte monnaie,
and string of buttons, on cotton
owned by Mrs. Daniel Peterson, Louisville KY

Nell Peterson, friend of Alma Lesch
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"The Teenagers" 1966

in the collection of Flint Institute of Art, Flint, Michigan
purchased in 1966 by Mrs. Bishop, founder of Haystack Mountain
School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine
"The Teenagers"
Fabric Collage, stitchery and applique
with buttons, organza collar, lace hose, and cotton
pants legs

colors: black and white
size 24" x 40"
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stitchery and applique on weaving

destroyed fiber art by the artist Alma Lesch mid '60s
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Vegetable dyed yarn, stitchery, hooking
and knotting on cotton. 22" x 48" 1967
sold to Barbara Hymson, New York 10028
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Stitchery on cotton background
Hand dyed materials
size 18" x 42"
has stuffed areas
1966 (AWL)
sold in Richmond, VA
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Uncle Bob 34" x 21"

old over-alls jacket on piece
of old quilt, with round gold rim glasses
and case, old straight razor case,
with wood picture frame enclosing
man's bill fold. (AWL)

Fabric Collage Portrait
"Uncle Bob" owned by Joseph Heil, New York City
applique and stitchery on linen
Cover photo on Craft Horizons March-April 1965

photo by the artist Alma Lesch
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1985 State of the Arts Exhibition

Alma Lesch at Kentucky Art and Craft Foudation (KMAC)
and textile artists & advocates at exhibit opening.
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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

With Jane Dunnewold's current Louisville KY visit LAFTA members and fiber artists see her impact on art cloth links to the current LAFTA exhibit at JCC's Patio Gallery on Dutchmans Lane through Feb 22, 2011. Alma Lesch called that gift in fiber vision as having an "eye". Search YOUTUBE for video clips of Dunnewold's workshop events and critiques.

Invitated by KMAC to speak on that closing date in reference to their current exhibition which includes the work of Alma Lesch, I am pleased to see this link in Jane Dunnewold's work using actual clothing confirming my link to my Swedish grandmother who saw my love of textiles, early in my life, and entrusting me with several quilts made by her mother, my great-grandmother Hilda Victoria Madelyn Magnuson from Clearfield, PA. There are indeed common threads that unite us all.

Monday, January 10, 2011

February 22

an evening for Alma Lesch
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

from the Alma Lesch textile collection: World War II
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Friday, October 29, 2010

"Sallie" 26" x 36" woven wall-hanging

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"Sallie" reproduced as woven tapestry wall-hanging for interior spaces (detail above)
from the original 1996 mixed media "fabric portrait" by Kentucky textile artist
Alma Lesch 1917-1999
26" x 36"  Victorian themed wall-hanging
in limited quantity
donated for permanent display in Bullitt County HistoryMuseum
in Shepherdsville, KY 40165

Inquire: Small Town Gallery Inc. 502-955-9255
Brooks, KY 40109
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Monday, October 25, 2010

"Sallie" 1996, the original image shown here is now available as a woven tapestry 26" x 36" ready to enjoy.
also available at for $59.95 in Brooks KY
Premier issue SPOOL magazine
attention fiber artists, needlepoint, crochet and knit
and freelance writers!
fall 2010
"Sallie" by Alma Lesch in feature story...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010